sun and sand in puerto viejo


First off, we wish everyone a very happy, healthy, and an abundant new year!

We have only a few more days to enjoy this lovely, warm and welcoming part of Costa Rica: the Caribbean village of Puerto Viejo. We have really enjoyed the sunshine and the sandy beach, and even though it is technically the rainy season, about 75% of our days have been without rain, or so little rain that we could still spend several hours on the beach each day.

Our vacation rental, Casa Amarilla (Yellow House), is the closet we have stayed to our beloved Cocles Beach. In fact we are an easy 100 metres to the beach.

One of the most disturbing changes we found in Puerto Viejo was that our beach has virtually disappeared. During our past two stays here, October 2012 and late October 2014, we would walk through the jungle, arrive at the entrance to the beach and walk about 50 metres to the right and 100 metres out toward the ocean and put down our blankets. Not this time.

On our first day here, the beach was about 20 metres wide but as high tide approached, the beach did not exist at all.

We talked to a gentleman who has been here every year and he said “have you heard of climate change?”

Of course we have. There was a news report that the area around the North Pole has less ice than previous years, only 80% of the water has frozen as opposed to 90% in past years. The ocean is obviously getting warmer and this is making waves in other parts of the globe, including here. Close to town, some businesses have piled up sandbags to keep the ocean from washing away their beachfront. In other places, we could see that the ground under the trees close to the beach was being washed away by the waves and higher tides and the sand itself was disappearing. We know other beaches around the world are facing similar challenges.

In spite of the high waters, we have enjoyed playing in the water and lying on the beach.

One of our favourite eateries has been the Lazy Mon. It is a hostel with a bar and restaurant in an open area facing the beach. Every night at 5 pm they have musicians entertain their guests. The best performance this visit has been an American musician, Lester Seal from Virginia. He has an incredible voice and a great stage presence.  From lounge lizard music to Jimmy Hendrix, he really holds the crowd!

We walk an average of 6 kms a day and are feeling really good. We expect to walk along the beach and through the jungle to Playa Uva today, about 8 kms south of here. We love to walk along the beach, especially when the water is so warm compared to Vancouver.

Enjoy all the photos Don is posting with this blog… most in the vicinity of Casa Amarilla and Playa Cocles.

So, our dear friends and followers, have a lovely second week of January! Here’s to lots of love, happiness and great health to you!


2 thoughts on “sun and sand in puerto viejo

  1. Good wishes for 2017! Thank you for all your great posts. I would love to return to Costa Rica, this posting is an eye opener as to the effects of climate change, on nature and those dependent on that location to live, work and provide for their families.

  2. Lovely area, hopefully, the disappearing beach was just a freak thing,
    and it will return in all its glory next year. Love the little yellow beach
    house! I could see myself hanging out there for awhile, especially with
    a warm ocean at my door. Enjoy the rest of your stay!

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