winter solstice in mundo maya

Happy New Era to you all!

From the moment the plane landed in Cancun we were in a state of transition. Going from little corporate advertising in Cuba to seeing the air traffic control tower totally covered in a Corona bottle ad, knowing our current adventure is coming to a close, finding a place to live for the next year… it is definitely transition.

We stayed at the Royal Mayan… it was a great name for the experiences to come. We are currently on a Mayan Tour. As most of you know the Mayan Calendar ended officially this morning at 5:11am.  We are 24 in all… we have 10 other adventurers in our tour bus… great group of people. Lots of laughter is happening as we are experiencing the great ruins, temples, palaces, etc of the Mayan people in the Yucatan.

Our tour started with a trip to Tulum and to Coba, we then traveled to Ek Balam, staying the night in the colonial city, Valladolid. Next we moved to the city of Merida where we are staying for three nights. Off to Uxmal (pronounced Ishmal), which is the city with feminine energy happening. It was lovely, with lots of decorations on the buildings. In front of the Magician’s palace we clapped our hands and reflected back to us was a crisp, whiz sound… very cool.

I am barely touching on what we have experienced. Don is righting a page on our blog about our Mayan experience. Click on “Dispatches from the End of Time” on the menu bar above.

We got up and joined a few others this morning to put good energy out to the universe and to think good thoughts for the human race and our planet.

Happy Winter Solstice!


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