hammerhead sharks and giant sea turtles

Good morning all you wonderful people,

I am writing this in the garden of our hostel in Quito, July 7th. We got our pictures back from the underwater camera and a I wanted to share with you those and our last 3 days in the Galapagos.  We disembarked at Puerto Baquerizo Moreno—- on Ilsa San Cristobal, picked up our luggage and looked on the large map of the town to see where the Ecolodge was. It wasn’t listed and we only had the address on our computer. Unfortunately the cab drivers we asked didn’t know of the Ecolodge, so off we went to find a cup of coffee and an internet connection.

As the heavens opened up and the rain came down we drank our coffee and waited for the internet. We did find the address and Don emailed Harry at the Ecolodge and quickly he emailed back saying he would pick us up in 20 minutes (I imagine he had a blackberry).

Driving to his place, Harry told us that the Ecolodge sign was promised to be ready a week ago and even though we had an address, the taxi drivers don’t go by addresses. If we would have known, we could have asked for a ride to Harry Jimenez’s house and they would have taken us right there. Apparently, everyone knows everyone else… lots of relatives in the town.

After living in the small cabin and very tiny bed on the boat, our room was like being in a palace. The bed was king size with light switches on the wall in the middle of the headboard of the bed, so you didn’t have to get up to turn the lights off… pure luxury. It had a lovely modern bathroom, air-conditioning, microwave, small fridge, tv and tables and chairs.

Our stay included breakfast which was at 7:30… we made it about 7:45 most days.  Harry and his wife looked after us very well…

We did a snorkelling day which was awesome. We saw hammerhead sharks, Galapagos sharks, spotted eagle rays, giant green sea turtles and lots of regular tropical fish, mostly traveling in schools… great to swim with them all.

We were on San Cristobal for 3 nights and enjoyed every minute. It was a quiet place… we noticed that no one came up to us to sell us wares as we were sitting outside in cafes nor did people try to get us into their restaurants as we were walking around. It was heaven after our six months of travelling and people not leaving you alone.

We also noticed that there were no homeless dogs in the town. We asked Harry about it and he said that all the domesticated animals had a microchip inserted under their skin. Harry’s sisters dog had been stolen and she went to the authorities and they found the dog through their computer tracking program… pretty cool, eh!

Tracking of the domestic animals is important as they are living in the national park and they don’t want animals to disrupt the balance they are trying to preserve.

The other thing to note is that for the first time since we have been away we saw the full moon. The super moon that you saw in Vancouver wasn’t visible to us as we were in Buenos Aires and it was majorly overcast that night. So, our first full moon, half way through our year, it was something to be celebrated.

Anyway, our dear friends and family, you have a wonderful day. We are off to Papallacta Hotsprings about 1.5 hours out of Quito. We are celebrating my 58th today and I wish you all very much love and happiness in your lives.

(underwater photos below taken with cheap disposible underwater camera — the turtle shows up well, but the Galapagos and Hammerhead sharks were in deep water and in a narrow channel with less sunlight)

4 thoughts on “hammerhead sharks and giant sea turtles

  1. Hi folks – what an adventure you must be having and what a cool place to celebrate one’s 58th year on the planet. All the best from Dave and Luci

  2. Belated Happy Birthday! We really enjoy reading your blog and “sharing” in your adventures. Love, Kerry & Gary

  3. Thanks everyone for the good wishes…we had a wonderful time at Pappallacta Hotsprings and even had a one hour massage. Take care of yourselves and much happiness to you!

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