surrounded by art

One of the charming aspects of Valparaiso is the profusion of public/street art, some commissioned and sanctioned, much of it not-so-sanctioned but clearly left alone and even celebrated. Throughout the harbour area (El Plan) and up in the many hills, you can hardly turn a corner without encountering artwork on the walls, from small works to block-long murals, along with lots of tagging, political slogans, and stencil art. This fascinating and wild artistic expression covers walls, fences, buildings, sidewalks, and even the odd abandoned vehicle. Surfaces are covered in paint applied by brush or spray can, as well as in tiles and broken china.

Posted above is just a small sample of the scope and variety – there are actually several books available here that are filled with photos and descriptions. We invite you to also check out the pintada de la plantilla page form time to time – we will be posting more photos of stencil art throughout our travels.

On a slightly related topic, Don has just learned that a short film he worked on this past summer has been nominated for an award. He was part of a team of four students who were spending a week at the Gulf Islands Film and Television School on Galiano Island, learning about documentary film making. His team decided to investigate the story of a sea monster reportedly sighted numerous times in the Gulf Islands and elsewhere along the coast of North America. The 7-minute final cut was selected out of more than 140 documentary films made this summer by adult students to compete in the “outstanding achievement in adult documentary filmmaking” category at the 17th annual EyeLens Film Festival, April 21 in Victoria.

There is also a people’s choice award, based on the number or people who “like” the film and share the YouTube link – so if you have a few minutes, please have a look, like it (we’re sure you will!), and share the link through Facebook and e-mail. Here it is: In Search of Cadborosaurus, The Legend of the Deep.

1 thought on “surrounded by art

  1. Just came across the offical Ciudad de Valparaiso website that describes their attitude towards murals and graffiti — so different from Vancouver, where city crews paint over everything, including commissioned murals, in an effort to competely sanitize the streets.

    “Walking through the city is like entering a comic book. It contains fantastic beings who are as much the owners of the streets as are their inhabitants. Tourists take photographs of them, neighbors lend them their walls and graffiti artists – local and foreign – cannot stop creating them. People and characters live together in these hills.”


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