sunset cruise on a 66′ catamaran

We’ve been spending most of our time over the past several days catching sun rays and waves at Playa Tamarindo, and every day we see the Marlin del Rey, a 66 foot long catamaran (with a 30 foot beam, according to the web site), head out around 2 pm and return just before sunset. Yesterday we joined the cruise, along with a large wedding party from Wisconsin, a birthday party group from South Carlolina, and assorted other tourists for the 4-hour cruise. It was great being out on the water under the hot sun, and with an open-bar and lunch included — something we could easily get used to! The boat stopped in a small bay for snorkling and we both got into the water although it is murkier and less colourful underwater than in the Carribean — fortunately we missed getting stung by a jelly fish (two other guests did and reported it was like a bee sting).









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