the west end, only 25 degrees warmer

Here we are, after travelling for three weeks or so, hanging out in the West End. Except this time, not the Vancouver West End we’re used to, but the West End on Roatan, the largest of the Bay Islands off the Atlantic coast of Honduras (yes, “Survivor” was filmed here a few years ago, but no one is voting us off this sun-drenched tropical island!). Both West Ends feature beaches, but It is 30 degrees Celsius here, about 25 degrees warmer than in Vancouver right now, and not a cloud in sight. Needless to say we’ve spent a fair bit of time on the beach, although Deborah had to take a sick day this week.

Main street here is a sandy strip of road about a kilometre from end to end, and life here is fairly laid back – they have quite a capacity here for tourists, and although its high season, there are not that many tourists around. Some tourists may be generally scared off by crime rates in Central America (the US is pulling their Peace Corps program out of much of the region), or about political intrigue in Honduras in particular, but we have felt very safe here. Not nearly as many heavily armed guards everywhere you look as in Guatemala. We leave tomorrow for Managua, Nicaragua and we hope everyone is doing well.


4 thoughts on “the west end, only 25 degrees warmer

  1. Hola!
    How is the beer down there? Any bottle caps worth keeping? Ha! Hope you are having a great time, it’s fun following your blog as it’s like getting many postcards – only better because they’re all personalized and legible! Dan and I are enjoying the hurricane force winds, below zero temps and snow up here; aren’t you sorry to be missing it all??

    • Hola lynn and dan,
      Thanks for your comments! Yes, we have gathered a few bottle caps for you, as we sip cold ones in the hot sun. Not missing snow or rain so far and we know it’s been cold and stormy back home as we listen to CBC radio online when we have a decent internet connection.

  2. Great photos..I particularly like the one of the magnificent sunset.
    Do hope Deborah is feeling much better now..
    I am sure that the sun (not to much of it) will give her a lift
    Have a cold one for me!

  3. Hey Auntie Debbie!! Wow check out your awesome journey!! I love that I can read about it through your site! Hope you’re having the time of your life!! Keep the blogs coming!! 🙂 Lots of love xox

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