aprendemos espanol en antigua

We landed in Guatemala City Sunday night and happily our ride was waiting to take us directly to the old colonial town of Antigua, about an hour west of the capital. Antigua was once the capital, but lost that title after several earthquakes in the early days destroyed many of the military and government buidings, along with many churches. One of the attractions of the city are the ruins, which are everywhere. The other is the proliferation of spanish schools for touristas like us, and for people planning to volunteer or work in Latin America. We opted to stay with a host family for the week we’re here — and they’re a very happy and friendly family with three children under 10 years, but our room is like a cell! It’s about 8 by 8 feet, low ceiling, a low and narrow metal door, no windows, and quite cold at night. We’ve also learned that lunch is the main meal, usually quite a good plate of food, while much less effort goes into breakfast (cereal or fruit) and dinner (soup and buns).The instruction is one on one, so we’re getting a lot out of each four-hour class, although we both know it will take a lot of practice before we can hablemos espanol (we also need to figure out how to generate accents!). The sun is out and we’re headed out for a hike up the hill for a panaromic view of town and the volacanos all around. The photo below is from a rooftop restaurant and bar called the aptly named Cafe Sky near our host casa.

Antigua - view from Cafe Sky

Antigua - view from Cafe Sky

2 thoughts on “aprendemos espanol en antigua

  1. How nice to hear from you both. It sounds like you are absorbing the culture more quickly living with a family. Deborah, you will be in good shape with all the hiking. We are having a very mild
    winter but with a promise of snow this weekend. Enjoy the warmth. Looking forward to your next blog. Adiós Bev

  2. Antigua looks absolutely charming!
    I have never had much interest in Mexico, however, your blog is definately stirring an interest in me

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