2012 is here, and we’re on our way!

Happy new year everyone! Deborah and I are at the Vancouver airport, sipping our last glass of Pale Ale at the Milestones bar next to our departure gate. In one hour we will be in the air on our way to Mexico City. We ended the day yesterday quite exhausted — the past two weeks have been a blur of frantic activity as we struggled to disconnect ourselves from work and personal life in Canada. That included getting a lot of work done and training our replacements, dealing with repairs to our car (it’s still at the autobody as we speak), attending to health issues, unsubscribing from everything (it took four calls and several hours on hold to finally reach someone at Shaw to disconnect the cable), packing up everything we own (our entire material life now fills a 6 x 10 x 10 foot locker on Mitchell Island), and saying our goodbyes to family and friends — sorry we didn’t see everyone but our love and best wishes go out to one and all.

6 thoughts on “2012 is here, and we’re on our way!

  1. Yes..at last, you must be unwinding in the sun and the sand..
    how exciting it must be to start out on a year long journey!
    It was wonderful for you to take time out of your busy schedule
    to meet me for lunch prior to your departation, Deborah..thank
    you so much. My thoughts and prayers are with you both:wishing
    you a safe journey, good health and much happiness together
    during your year of travels. Looking forward to following your blog.
    Happy New Year!!

  2. HI Deborah and Don – so glad you are doing this – a trip of a life time – and thank you for the blog – we are all packed in your suitcases now and can enjoy your trip with you – all the best – much love – Catherine.

  3. Happy New Year my adventure seeking friends. Packing up all you own into a 6x10x10 box and heading off for a year to different countries must be exciting and cathartic and I am sure a little stressful. I look forward to travelling with you via this blog. Stay safe and healthy. From previous trips to Mexico I have learned to be extra careful with what water goes into my mouth (e.g. brushing teeth, ice in drinks etc.), washing my hands after handling money and by weary of mosquitoes. Cheers: Dave

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